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TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG is a brand that stands for unity, equality, social justice, and the protection of our voting rights.


Let’s be honest, none of us REALLY want to get an injection. It might hurt a little. My arm will be sore the next day. So why do we do it? For the good of the whole. For the health of our planet. Because we are responsible humans.


The ‘RIGHT TO VOTE’ is the foundation for our democracy. Let your voice be heard. Speak out against voter suppression.


Before we can heal as a Nation, justice must be served. Without accountability, history will repeat itself. We live in a land of laws, which attempt to keep our society civilized. No court in the land enforces these laws better than the Southern District of NY.


Although I’m optimistic during these turbulent times, I do feel a sense of urgency. We need more ‘awakened’ beings on this planet NOW.


As we evolve on life's journey, we will naturally become more socially active. It’s all about awareness and compassion. When we awaken, we become aware of our oneness–our connection to each other and to the planet. When we can see ourselves in the eyes of another, peace will soon follow.

Craig Kolavo

Founder of Together We Are Strong

Author of AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant

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