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is a brand that stands for UNITY—a brand that believes in equality, social justice, and protection of our voting rights. This is not about politics. No party can claim these ideals as their own—these are American Values protected by our Constitution.

Our Values


TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG believes in civility. If our only common ground for organizing is hate towards the opposition, this downward spiral will never end. Civility is about caring for one’s own needs and beliefs without degrading someone else in the process. It’s about our ability to disagree without disrespecting. To return to civility, we must seek common ground as a starting point for challenging conversations.


TOGETHER  WE  ARE  STRONG  is a statement of truth. When we stand together and let our voices be heard, we have power. It often feels like a LOUD minority is ruling the silent majority. It’s time to speak up! We can no longer afford to be timid. If you don’t like what you see, get out and VOTE. You’ve got the power!


TOGETHER  WE  ARE  STRONG  is about empowering young voters. As of 2020, Millennials and Gen Z make up 40% of all eligible voters. In other words, America’s young voters have the power to drive change. Those who fear change are terrified and are attempting to silence these voters (removing polling sites from campuses and restrictive voter ID laws). To overcome these obstacles, we need to act today! Visit to learn how to prepare for the next election.


TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG recognizes that our greatest strength is our diversity. The United States is a beautiful melting pot of races, nationalities, and genders. You can see the world by walking down a New York City street. LOVE IT! We should not be fearful of those who look different than us.

Vive la Différence!

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